DIY: How to Prevent Your Inexpensive Rings From Turning Your Finger Green!!

Have you ever had a ring turn your finger green? Well, I have! I found an easy and inexpensive solution to get rid of this problem for good. Here are 5 easy steps you can follow to prevent your rings from oxidizing or reacting with your skin to produce discoloration.

STEP 1- Gather up all of the rings that produce discoloration on your skin

These are all of the rings that turn my finger green :( 

STEP 2- Purchase an inexpensive clear nail polish.

Nail Polish: Target-NYC Quick Dry

STEP 3- Coat the inside of all your rings with the clear nail polish ( I suggest using an old newspaper as a placemat so you don't get nail polish on your furniture).

Excuse my ugly nails :/

STEP 4- Let the rings dry for a couple of minutes.

STEP 5- Ready to wear!!! (I suggest doing this to your rings from time to time because the nail polish may wear off after many uses.)

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