Holiday Spirit

Jacket: H&M / Top: H&M / Tights: JCPenney / Boots: JCPenney (similar here) / Scarf: Target / Bag: Louis Vuitton

Can you believe I have lived in LA for all of my life and I have never been to LA live for the holiday's.  Crazy, I know!!! Finally this year my boyfriend and I decided to go for date night and it was just magical. I loved how bright and sparkly everything looked! The huge Christmas tree in the middle of the ice skating rink was my favorite! I wanted to go ice skating so bad but the line was way too long. They had a nice system going where they would allow so many people to ice skate for about half an hour and then they would kick everyone off and let the next batch of people come in.

We wanted to eat at Wolf Gang Puck for dinner but of course they had a long wait time. So we put our names down and walked around until they sent us a text which was about 30 mins later. We had the best seat in the house on their patio outside right in front of the Christmas tree and ice skating rink. We ordered our favorite wings (picture below) and my favorite cucumber martini (picture below) in town! 



  1. These are beautiful photos! I absolutely love the faux fur you are wearing. I hope you have enjoyed the holiday season, and happy new year!!


    1. Thank you, I really enjoyed the holiday season!! I wish you a happy new year too!!!

    2. Hey Shirley . love your bag and your boots! they are awesome good made for you stunning women. :) <3 Kisses Jack


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