Crochet and A New Cell Phone Case

Top: JCPenney / Skirt: Foreign Exchange / Heels: Shoemint / Bracelet: Windsor / Cell Phone Case: Empire Cell Phone Accessories  c/o

Good morning everyone!!! We are one day closer to Friday!! Which makes me soooooo excited!! Yay!!

If you follow me on instagram you are aware that I upgraded my historic iPhone 4 for the iPhone 5s. I know I'm way late but I had to wait for my stupid upgrade. Let me just tell you that I'm so in love with my new phone that I had to dress it up in a super stylish case from Empire Cell Phone Accessories! I wanted to style an outfit around my new phone case because I'm crazy and have way too much time on my hands plus my new case is super stylish which gets my creative juices flowing. I want to apologize for the shameless selfies with my new phone (better camera = more Shirley selfies).



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  1. seriously in love with that skirt!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

    1. Thank you Sahra, it's one of my favorite finds!!

  2. Gorgeous! Your style is just amazing. I love the skirt. You've got a great eye for style. That phone cover looks so fab, with all that glitz and glitter. I think it will suit your everyday choices of attires. Stay beautiful, Shirley!

    Clara Brooks @ Telco World


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