Oh My Gaia

I know, I know ... what am I doing wearing a short little dress in the middle of Fall?!?!? Well, in my defense I wore this dress this past weekend on Halloween and it was a very warm day. It's my go to dress when I feel frumpy, bloated, fat, skinny, light and everything in between.  It's the most flattering dress I own and I wish I would have blogged about it sooner. Now, enough about the dress, lets talk about the most unique and perfect bag I own. I first saw this beauty on my favorite blogger Jenny from Margo and Me ... I automatically knew I had to have this bag but my second thought was its  going to be out of my price range because Jenny is a high end blogger.  I decided to check out the company Cult Gaia anyway and the bag was actually super affordable. Every single time I wear this bag I get so many compliments, even random guys will stop and feel the need to tell me what a cool bag I'm wearing. That's when you know you have a winner!! 

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more goodies to come!!


Dress: MNG by Mango via JCPenney | Heels: Zara (old) | Bag: Cult Gaia 


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