Givenchy Inspired Antigona Bag

Today I have a very exciting post for my fashionistas on a budget. I found the perfect "inspired by" bag for the Givenchy Antigona Medium bag on Fashion Drug. It took me a month to actually build up the courage to buy this bag, which I am now so happy I did. When the bag arrived I couldn't wait to rip open the box!! I looked inside and there it was in a Fashion Drug duster bag. It was even more beautiful than I had imagined. Below are some of the differences and similarities.

Difference between Gigi and Antigona:
  • Gigi is much lighter in weight than the Antigona which is a plus in my opinion. I'd rather have a light bag that I will inevitably fill up with my heavy junk
  • The zipper on the Antigona is much thicker and made of better quality material than the Gigi zipper. I don't mind this much because as long as the Gigi zipper functions properly than I'm a happy camper (The Gigi zipper works perfectly so far and hasn't gotten stuck)
  • The hardware on the Gigi bag is gold while the hardware on my friends Antigona is silver.
  • The Gigi shoulder strap is removable and the Antigona is not
  • Since the Gigi is an "inspired by" bag it has no label on the front while the Antigona has the Givenchy label
  • The two top handles on the Antigona are a lot more stiff and hold their shape better than the Gigi 
  • The biggest difference of all is the price tag: Gigi is approximately $100 (depending on the exchange rate for the day) and the Antigona is $2,435
Similarities between Gigi and Antigona:
  • They are both made out of Genuine leather (My friends Antigona is made out of goat leather)
  • They are both approximately the same shape and size
  • They both hold their shape very well when they are empty
  • The stitching on Gigi is almost identical to the stitching on the Antigona
  • They both come with dust bags
In the end I am very happy with my purchase from Fashion Drug. The shipping took around 10 to 15 business days and the tracking of the item wasn't that great but I received my package within the  time frame I was given and the item looked exactly as it did in the pictures on the website. I will definitely buy more inspired by bags from this seller. Hope this post gave you a little more insight into the Gigi bag and might make your decision of buying this bag a little easier.


Gigi Bag: Fashion Drug / Givenchy: Antigona Medium Bag (found one Antigona bag on super sale here or here)

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